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Rainbow Nursery is a non-denominational centre serving the community of Bathgate and other outlying areas of West Lothian. The company was established in 1988 and has been owned by a family from Glasgow since 2003.  We have our main building on Gideon Street with a three-storey extension which houses a Toddler Room (Yellow Room) in the lower ground floor and the Tweenies (Blue) and Baby (Pink) Rooms on the ground floor. We have a kitchen, dining area and an Afterschool Club (The Den) on the first floor.  In April 2013 we moved our pre-school (Green Room) service into a new building on Hopetoun Street. This building has its own kitchen, staff room, offices, playrooms and garden area.  We are open 5 days per week between the hours of 7.00am and 6.00pm. 

Our Partnerships

We are in partnership with West Lothian Council and work in liaison with local primary schools, specialist provisions and other ELCC establishments to which a child may be transferring or may also attend. We provide for children with a variety of support for learning needs so have links with Health Visitors, Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.  Viewing is a must at both buildings to realise full potential of quality care for your child. Our nurseries have large, bright, open plan rooms, which are designed as secure environments & allowing an abundance of space for children.  Practitioners plan, monitor and extend play opportunities and learning for children within our care.

Our Manager

I am Susan Johnston, nursery Manager. I have over 25 years of experience in childcare and education, having completed my HNC and PDA at West Lothian College, my most recent achievement was completing my BA in childhood studies at Dundee University in 2016.  Along with the directors of the company I play a key role in the ongoing success of the business through effective management, leadership and motivation, displaying a shared sense of direction, pride and energy. I aim to ensure overall effectiveness by use of self-evaluation, monitoring and a commitment to professional development. I am supported by a wonderful caring team of practitioners who are qualified and experienced. They nurture, care for and Inspire every child in their care, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment where children can thrive and succeed and each individual’s uniqueness is celebrated


We will work as a dedicated team to ensure that each child receives the highest level of personalised care while implementing all current guidelines into our practice to create a rich learning environment where every child is given the challenge and support needed to achieve their full potential. We will work alongside families, and other agencies if required, to ensure that the needs of each child are met fully. We will encourage children to build on their own experiences, knowledge and interests while providing resources and activities to promote individual development in an interesting and enjoyable way

The children can enjoy sports, music, dance and French lessons



Starting Nursery

Starting nursery is a big step for both parents and children and we suggest that you come along for a visit to Rainbow where one of our Managers will be happy to give you a tour of the facility and let you meet the staff.

You can discuss the settling in time for your child making it a smooth and pleasant transition for all. All settling in time is free of charge. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

If your child does not currently attend Rainbow Nursery then the staff are aware that transitions can be a difficult time for the child and the whole family, however we will fully support you and your child to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. 


Tooth Brushing

Throughout the year your child will be involved in a tooth brushing programme supported by West Lothian Council. All children are provided with free toothbrushes.

Good dental habits developed at an early age will be carried through to adulthood. Children learn basic hygiene principles and develop tooth brushing skills by brushing their own teeth.



Practitioners plan and implement play experiences, record observations and have the wellbeing of each child as their priority.  They are responsible for ensuring that the children’s Learning Journeys are relevant and up to date. As well as everyday indoor activities we also embrace outdoor learning and children have access to play in our gardens every day. We also have a weekly outing within our ELC, where a small group of children will have the opportunity to visit local attractions, country parks and local Forrest walks travelling on the nursery mini buses. We have created inviting and exciting environments both in and outdoors that provide children with the opportunities to safely explore and investigate. We are currently developing a stimulating outdoor learning environment rich in Froebelian Influence.


Extra Curricular Activities

French Lessons, children have opportunity to participate in French classes taught by Sandra of La Jolie Ronde. They offer children the opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun & positive approach to language learning through our award-winning programmes. Caterpillar Music sessions are offered within the nursery. Give your child a head-start with our weekly music classes which use exciting themes, colourful instruments and baby safe puppets to encourage creative learning. Sports for Kidz sessions are held weekly by coach David. He understands child development at nursery level and how important sport can be to encourage children’s self-confidence and social skills through team work and taking turns. It also helps to develop children’s motor skills, co-ordination and communication. 

Designed to let each child explore and grow at their own pace


Within our club your child can attend in the morning from 7am where they will be offered a nutritious breakfast to set them up for their day at school. Our dedicated drivers will drop them off safely in time for the school bell. Once children arrive back to our club after school they are provided with a healthy snack and lunch and snack on a Friday. Children can do their homework supported by staff if parents wish. Children can then play and relax in safe and stimulating surroundings or play in our spacious garden. Staff plan activities from children's own interests and personal choice which include baking, arts & crafts, music and movement, home corner, relaxing book area, games & construction, XBOX area and much more. During our holiday clubs programmes are devised in advance and given to parents. Children are taking on outings and trips, which are interesting, and fun for them, some of which involve an additional cost to parents.




Green Room

We aim to work as a dedicated team, implementing the principles of GIRFEC, Building the Ambition, The West Lothian Early Years Framework and Curriculum for Excellence into our practice to create a rich learning environment where every child is encouraged to achieve their full potential and given the challenge and support needed to enable them to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

Practitioners plan and implement play experiences, record observations and have the wellbeing of each child as their priority.  They are responsible for ensuring that the children’s Learning Journeys are relevant and up to date.  Key Workers communicate with parents, their families and carers during parent’s meetings.   All Green Room staff are qualified to either HNC/Level 3 in Childcare or above.


 Yellow Room 

Children in our 2-3 room are provided with a broad range of play experiences to help develop their natural curiosity. Following the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum our toddler staff team will help to develop children's learning through a combination of planned activities, children's first hand experiences and most importantly through play with resources which are relevant to suit our toddlers interests and stage of development.


Blue Room

Once our babies are walking confidently on their feet they join our tweenie room. As your child begins to develop their confidence and inquisitive natural curiosities our tweenie team create a stimulating environment where each child is nurtured, cherished and cared for. Key worker staff plan activities which will help develop our tweenies interests and abilities following the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum.


Pink Room

Learning experiences planned by our qualified team support our youngest learners, following the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum.  Our dedicated baby room team will nurture and care for your precious bundles within a comfortable, safe, secure and welcoming environment which has direct access to a safe and secure outside play area.

We offer a range of extra curricular activities such as Sport Development and Music


At Rainbow Nursery, happy and contented staff is as important as happy and contented children. We like to take care of our staff by providing excellent working conditions, a competitive salary, structured training programmes and a commitment to career development. We believe in an open and honest two-way communication process; one where everybody, management and staff, work towards the same goals. These are:

Our Approach

Ensure motivation
Develop teamwork
Improve communication
Encourage accountability
Promote job satisfaction

We currently have no staff vacancies, but are happy to receive any interest on an ongoing basis for our files should suitable vacancies arise.

Ethos & Values

Our aim at Rainbow Nursery is to give every child the best possible start in life, by aiming to provide the highest quality care in a natural, healthy and fun environment enabling children to reach their full potential. We aim to foster an ethos of effective partnership working with children, families, partner agencies, schools and the wider community to support our children.

Our Values

-      Respect

-      Fairness

-      Tolerance

-      Co-operation

Welcome Pack

Please call us or drop in to the nursery for a copy of the welcome pack. 

01506 633348

16 Gideon Street
West Lothian
EH48 4HD

Career Opportunity

"We believe in an open and honest two-way communication process; one where everybody, management and staff, work towards the same goals.” 

> Apply Here

Post your completed form for the attention of 
Susan Johnston.



The Rainbow Nursery Parent Zone is a secure section of the website, just for the parents and guardians of Nursery children, where you can find the latest information and news about Rainbow Nursery. There is a monthly Newsletter, Information Packs, Nursery Reports and Improvement Plans and information on After School and Holiday Club programmes. 

Simply hit 'CLICK HERE' in the image above to register for a login. 




Starting nursery is a big step for both parents and children and we suggest that you come along for a visit to Rainbow where one of our Managers will be happy to give you a tour of the facility and let you meet the staff.

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Nursery Manager
BA in Childhood Practice

Tanya the Green room team Leader 197.jpg


Green Room

Lyndsy the Green room 197.jpg


Green Room Supervisor
Practitioner SVQ Level 3

Jennifer the Yellow room team Leader 197.jpg


Yellow Room 
Team Leader

Amy the Yellow room 197.jpg


Yellow Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3

Kirsty the Blue room 197.jpg


Blue Room
Practitioner HNC

Claire the Blue room 197.jpg


Blue Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3

Jennifer The Den 197.jpg


The Den
Studying Level 3

Alison Smith2.jpg


The Den
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Nursery Cook







Assistant Manager/

Michelle the Green  197.jpg


Green Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 4



Green Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Yellow Room
Practitioner HNC

Ashley The Yellow room 197.jpg


Yellow Room
Practitioner SQV Level 3

Emma the Blue room team Leader 197.jpg


Blue Room – Team Leader
Practitioner HNC

Gillian the Pink room team Leader 197.jpg


Pink Room – Team Leader
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



The Den – Escort
Play Worker

Scott The Den - Replace 197.jpg


The Den – Escort
Play Worker





Tracey the Green room 197.jpg


Green Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Lee-Ann the Yellow room 197.jpg

Lee Ann

Yellow Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Leanne the Blue room 197.jpg


Blue Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3

Lorraine the Pink room 197.jpg


Pink Room
Studying SVQ Level 3



The Den – Supervisor
Playwork SVQ Level 4

Wendy the Den 197.jpg


The Den





Isabella the Green room 197.jpg


Green Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Niamh the Yellow room 197.jpg


Yellow Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Pamela the Blue room 197.jpg


Blue Room
Practitioner SVQ Level 3



Kelly The Den (replace) 197.jpg

Kelly M

The Den
Practitioner SVQ Level 3 



Nursery Cook

Find Us

Please see the google map below to see our exact location of if you wish to visit us.



Address: 16 Gideon St, Bathgate EH48 4HD

Telephone: 01506 633348

If you wish to make an enquiry please email us on:



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